BC Summer Academy

Monday, July 10 – Thursday, July 27
Enrichment will be held Monday-Thursday from 9am-12 Noon.
BC Lead On will be held Monday-Thursday from 1pm-4pm
Enrichment Description: ($400) 
– Introduction to High School English and Study Skills
– Foundations of High School Mathematics
BC Lead On Description: ($500) 
The Bergen Catholic LEAD ON Program Class of 2027 edition, is a three-week summer enrichment program designed for students entering BC as first year students. It provides a stimulating classroom experience in which students will explore and enjoy a variety of topics. Additionally, the LEAD ON program provides a chance for social growth, maturity enhancement, and for making new friends in a small classroom environment. The Lead On program will be staffed by current Bergen Catholic faculty. The program consists of four class sessions per day with each session being 45 minutes in length.
Enrichment and BC Lead On ($750) 
Lunch included

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