Bergen Catholic Lead On Program

Coming in 2024!

The Bergen Catholic LEAD ON Program is a three-week summer enrichment program designed for students entering 7th and 8th grades.

It provides a stimulating classroom experience in which students will explore and enjoy a variety of topics. Additionally, the LEAD ON program provides a chance for social growth, maturity enhancement, and for making new friends in a small classroom environment.

This Lead On program will be staffed by current Bergen Catholic faculty. The program consists of four class sessions per day with each session being 45 minutes in length.

Courses Offered

Forensics/CSI: Be a part of the Forensics’ Motto “The seekers of the truth.” Enjoy knowledge of crime scene preparation/preservation, observations, the collection of evidence such as: hairs, fibers, bones, fingerprints, and the decomposition of bodies as well as animals, allow scientists to solve mysteries and crime.  

Journalism and Sports Media: Journalism is a writing intensive course that will provide an in-depth examination of journalism and the news writing process. Students will learn about the history of journalism, its role as the fourth estate, and the subsequent ethical rights and responsibilities of that role. Students will learn and be responsible for the planning, design, and publication of a newspaper. This production process will involve feature writing, page/graphic design, and photography. Students will also have the opportunity to gain experience in broadcast journalism through podcast creation, and production as they learn they receive an opportunity to learn field experience in media. 

Robotics: Robotics as a subject allows students to explore and solve real-world scenarios through Problem-based learning. Problem-Based learning requires students to generate solutions both independently and collaboratively using experimentation. This course guides students to complete projects based upon a certain set of parameters that are given prior to the beginning of class. The assessment and measuring of retention is done through the completion of an engineering notebook as well as create online blueprints and construct different structures based off of those notebooks and blueprints.  

Analytics of Sports: This class will discuss the theory, development, and application of analytics in sports. Students will learn about the application of analytics in sports for purposes of in-game strategy, player performance, team management, sports operations, and fantasy competitions among many other subjects. 

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